Insurance Policy "Salom Kushni!"

Insurance Policy "Salom Kushni!"

Insurance policy "Salom Kushni!" is a solution that will allow you to maintain friendly relations among the residents of the whole house. By purchasing the insurance policy "Salom Kushni!" you insure your civil liability in the event that actions on the territory of your own real estate inadvertently cause damage to the property of your neighbors.


1. Speed and ease of registration;

2. Possibility of choosing optimal insurance conditions (insurance period; insurance amounts);

3. No deductibles;

4. Affordable price.

What does our policy cover at the time of the insured event?

1. Compensation for losses in case of flooding of your neighbors' apartment;

2. Compensation for losses to your neighbors in the event of a gas explosion that occurred to you

3. Compensation of losses to your neighbors in the event of a fire through your negligence

4. Compensation of losses to your neighbors in case of damage caused during repairs in your apartment

Cost of insurance:

Amount insured Cost of insurance
5 000 000 50 000
10 000 000 100 000
15 000 000 150 000

* Prices are indicated in UZS (national currency of the Republic of Uzbekistan).

* The minimum insurance period is 1 month.

In what cases is it advantageous for you to get an insurance policy "Salom Kushni!"

  • You rent an apartment or house to third parties;
  • You often go on trips and travels;
  • Repair or construction work is being carried out in your house or apartment;
  • You have invested a large amount in the repair or construction of your home;
  • Your neighbors are facing insured events.

How to get it?

You can get the policy:

  • In the sales office of INSON LLC.


  • The insurance contract comes into force 7 days after confirmation of payment.
  • There is only one policy per apartment.
  • Keep your insurance policy and sales receipt for the entire duration of your contract.